As a past student, I would highly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone seeking an excellent singing teacher.  Anne-Marie's commitment to excellence was evident in every lesson, where she consistently fostered a positive and encouraging environment.  Her constructive critique was invaluable and key to my musical successes to include first prize at Dublin Feis Ceoil, top grades in my singing exams and high achiever awards.  I also studied Leaving Certificate  music theory with Anne-Marie and achieved a H1.


Having Anne-Marie as my teacher for nearly six years was an absolute pleasure.   I have learnt so much about singing and also myself as a person.  I received top marks in all my singing exams, but I couldn’t have done it without the guidance and teaching from Anne-Marie.  She is a kind, firm, extremely intelligent, talented woman with many qualifications and experience.  I will forever cherish all those lessons I had with her over the years.  To whomever is thinking about starting singing lessons, you will be in the best of hands with Anne-Marie Keaney.

Grace Andrews


I have had the privilege of being a student of Anne-Marie for seven years, and I can confidently say that she is an extraordinary singing teacher.  Her vast knowledge of all styles of music is truly remarkable, and her guidance has been instrumental in shaping my singing career.  

One of the achievements I owe to Anne-Marie’s exceptional training is my performance on The Late Late Toy Show at only 12 years old.  This opportunity allowed me to showcase my talent on a national platform, and it was all thanks to her unwavering support and guidance.  Her constructive critique pushed me to always do my best and she always encouraged me to be confident and believe in my singing abilities.  As a result, I have had the privilege of performing on many radio stations and numerous occasions on RTE television further solidifying my passion for singing.  

Under her tutelage, I achieved top grades in all my singing exams up to grade 8, a testament to her exceptional teaching methods and dedication to her students’ progress.  Anne-Marie’s expertise extend beyond vocal training.  She also gave me Leaving-Certificate music theory classes and I achieved a H1 grade. Finally, through her guidance, I won numerous first and second place awards in the highly esteemed Dubin Feis Ceoil.  I owe all of these opportunities to her.  I fully recommend Anne-Marie to anyone seeking a teacher who will impart complex musical concepts in a clear and concise manner, allowing you to reach your full potential.

Zoe Alexander


My nine-year old son started taking piano lessons with Anne-Marie two years ago.  He really enjoys the lessons and has learned so much in that time.  He is currently working on his second piano exam and loves to play different styles of music.  Anne-Marie is a wonderful piano teacher who always keeps me informed of my son’s progress.  As a parent I would highly recommend Anne-Marie as a piano teacher to any child thinking of starting piano lessons.

John Dunne


I came to Anne-Marie recently to complete my Grade 8 classical singing exam.  Anne-Marie made me feel very comfortable and confident in my singing ability.  I had weekly online lessons and prepared for my singing exam while studying in Edinburgh.  Anne-Marie was able to harness the skills I did possess, nurture them, enhance them, create new ones, and eventually take my voice to “the next level”.  She did this by not only dissecting my voice and providing a range of techniques to enhance it, but also relaying her immense knowledge of the operatic voice and music in general.  She taught me how hard work can pay off which is evident as I received Distinction for my Grade 8 from the Royal Irish Academy of Music.  Anne-Marie is an excellent teacher and it was a privilege to be her student.

Tara Donohoe


It took a lot of courage for me as a mature adult to make the initial contact with Anne-Marie about singing lessons, as I thought she may only work with younger people.   Anne-Marie immediately put me at ease stating that she works with people of all ages, many of whom only wish to sing for pleasure or work on perfecting a few party pieces.     I can honestly say I have thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Anne-Marie.  She has taught me so much about singing.  It was so interesting to learn about how the voice works though good posture, breathing and vocal exercise.  The fun bit was applying the vocal technique to songs of many styles and unlocking my true potential.  This Anne-Marie did through gentle encouragement, pushing me out of my comfort zone when needed, whilst guiding me through the path of good singing. Studying with Anne-Marie has given me a confidence not only in my vocal ability but also a greater feeling of well-being in general.   I cannot recommend Anne-Marie enough to anyone thinking of taking singing lessons.  Given her expertise, you will be in the capable hands of a true professional.    

Mary Lynch

My 12 year old daughter Tara has been attending Anne-Marie for piano lessons for over a year now.  Anne-Marie in her teaching method has a way where she can relate to the individual child.  She motivates Tara to do her very best and keeps her interested every week in her tunes.  This then makes it easy to enjoy learning the music.  She comes home with a smile on her face every week!!!


Thank you Anne-Marie for everything you’ve taught me over the years.  Every class we had was so detailed and enjoyable at the same time.  I always learned something new which is a testament to your attitude and patience.  I would strongly recommend Anne-Marie as a singing teacher.

James Fallon

My daughter Lily has been attending singing lessons with Anne-Marie for a number of months.  She looks forward to it so much every week and I can already hear the positive changes in her vocal ability.  Her singing practice is also reinforcing her sight reading and music theory studies.  She hangs on Anne-Marie's every word and thoroughly enjoys the sessions with her.


I am incredibly grateful for the guidance and support I’ve received from my singing teacher, Anne-Marie.  Her expertise and dedication have transformed my voice and played a pivotal role in my success in numerous singing competitions, including Dublin Feis Ceoil and Feis Shligigh.  Thanks to her coaching, I had the opportunity to perform on prestigious RTE shows like The Late Late Toy Show, Realta Agus Gaolta, and even the Junior Eurovision. Anne-Marie’s teaching not only honed my skills but also made my dreams come true, and I couldn’t have achieved this without her.  In addition to the wonderful performance opportunities that Anne-Marie’s coaching has provided, her influence on my singing journey has been instrumental in my academic pursuits as well.  Thanks to her meticulous and nurturing guidance, I am currently working towards an impressive Grade 6 level in singing examinations at just 16 years of age.  What makes this achievement even more special is the countless distinctions I’ve earned in these exams.  These distinctions have not only affirmed the growth in my vocal abilities but also earned me recognition, including High Achiever Awards, which is a testament to the exceptional quality of Anne-Marie’s teaching.  I’d wholeheartedly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone looking for a singing teacher that allows them to reach their full potential. 



I started having weekly piano lessons with Anne-Marie as a complete beginner when I retired from work.  I was delighted to discover that within a few months I had made such progress.  This was due to Anne-Marie’s clear guidance, encouragement, and endless patience.  I find it so interesting when she demonstrates how the title of each piece comes alive by how it is played, which makes every piece so much more enjoyable to play.  I would highly recommend Anne-Marie to anyone thinking of taking up the piano as it has given me such pleasure over the years.  

Catherine O’Sullivan


My name is Avril Carty, and I am a past pupil of Anne-Marie Keaney's.  I had the privilege of studying with Anne-Marie for 11 years, achieving exceptional results in my singing grades and theory.  Under her guidance, I was delighted to be awarded first prize at the prestigious Dublin Feis Ceoil for solo singing in Irish under 15.  Additionally, I not only honed my singing abilities, but also achieved remarkable success in my Music Leaving Certificate - attaining a H1 grade.  Anne-Marie’s teaching style is marked by a rare combination of expertise, persistence, and an unwavering commitment to her students’ growth.  Her ability to break down complex musical concepts, coupled with her deep passion for music, made the learning process both educational and enlightening.  I can confidently affirm that Anne-Marie’s influence leaves a permanent mark on my musical journeys of all her students.  For anyone seeking a dedicated and inspiring teacher in the realm of singing and music, Anne-Marie is an outstanding choice.

Avril Carty


A dedication from Cuan Durkin Live on YouTube performing "My Way" - Frank Sinatra/Paul Anka (October 2021): "This performance is dedicated entirely to Anne-Marie Keaney, my singing teacher for the past 13 years.  She has been and will remain one of the most important people in my life and I would not be where I am today without her.  Thank you Anne-Marie for showing me how to do it."

Cuan Durkin

Anne-Marie played a crucial role in establishing the foundation upon which my career path in performance and musicology blossomed.  Under her adept guidance, I began my formal vocal training as a teenager and benefitted from the organic and sustainable vocal development that she so effectively fostered during these formative and pivotal years.  Her diligent work ethic ensured my consistent progress, particularly through sensitively selected exercises and repertoire that safeguarded against the harmful habits often encountered by young singers. 

Beyond the lessons, Anne-Marie also acted as a source of encouragement, instilled confidence, and facilitated opportunities for me to engage with various relevant performance platforms.  Solo concerts, local and national feiseanna, and RIAM exams all contributed to the annual singing calendar and served as milestones for expanding my technical skillset and honing my individual approach to artistic expression.  These experiences not only supported and resonated with my personal ambitions but also connected me with a broader community of singing enthusiasts, many of whom I remain friends with today.

At the age of seventeen, I opted to take music as an additional leaving certificate subject with Anne-Marie.  Her personalised one-on-one classes enabled me to complete the curriculum in a shorter timeframe than that of a conventional school setting and afforded me continuously tailored feedback which ultimately expediated my musicianship and academic progress.  Anne-Marie's meticulous and rigorous approach to my learning was also advantageous in preparing me for university entrance exams and in helping me to navigate the potential avenues for pursuing music at third level.  I will forever be grateful to her for such dedication to my music education as well as her steadfast belief in my potential.

It is therefore without hesitation that I recommend Anne-Marie to any prospective student seeking to advance their journey in performance, to propel themselves into the realms of artistic or academic research, or simply to explore an undiscovered passion for music!

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